Coaching for Public Speaking

Learning to love sharing your expertise and experience with the world is a common fear, I’ll take you through the steps to build your craft, your stories and make an impact on your audience. We’re all adapting to spending more time presenting ourselves virtually – Zoom, Teams, Google Hangouts – whatever it is, you need tips to make sure you make the most of your opportunities and others’ time. (I used to detest public speaking and now I’m a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association of UK and Ireland).

It is almost programmed into us that we should be scared of public speaking, embarrassed about making our voice heard, ashamed of standing up and speaking out UNLESS we are ‘an expert’ or ‘until the time is right’. This is a very convenient power dynamic to keep those people who are in power or control exactly there, and to discourage others from speaking out.  It’s also well-known that the only people who succeeded in public speaking or debating societies at school were either nerds, swots or show-offs…these things are also likely to have impacted on your confidence in speaking out.

If this describes how you feel about speaking out, I want to help change that for you…whether you need to address your work colleagues, a conference audience, the awards evening at your sports club or stand up in front of friends and family to give a wedding speech, I can help you.

When I made my career move at nearly 40 years old, I wasn’t really planning on becoming a professional speaker or a designer and deliverer of workshops…I just wanted to make a difference to as many young people as I could. I took a piece of A4 paper and designed a full day training session on one side and a half-day session on the other along with a load of tools, tips, resources and exercises on a list so clients could design their own days according to the needs of their students or teams.

Delivery was the next logical step and if I wanted to get my idea off the ground, I needed to learn how to do it. Now, I had a Further and AdultTeaching Certificate from City & Guilds but I’d not done much work in schools…I had a steep learning curve and I’m still learning, but the development of public speaking skills are key to what we’ve been doing as a business since 2006.

I used to detest public speaking and now I’m a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association of UK and Ireland and teach people how to be confident in speaking out and speaking schools and in businesses. 

Here’s what I speak about: 

Have a look at my TEDx Talk from 2016 about the work I do and which formed the basis of my book.


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