Coaching for Career Development

CV, Applications, Interviews. Three-session package to support you in taking the next step in your career, considering your internal communication, learning to sell yourself and your skills and, finally, taking the steps towards your ideal role.

Maybe you’re looking for help with navigating an issue at your current workplace?
Maybe you’ve applied for lots of jobs but not been interviewed or selected?     
Maybe you’re starting out and need some support with your CV and applications?

I can help you with this.

For the last 15 years I’ve been helping people consider their careers. I set up Innovative Enterprise to work with young people and support them on their journey towards adulthood – I was determined to be the person I needed when I was younger – someone who wanted to show young people that there was a role for them in their future and that not all of us fits into a ‘normal’ job or career path. I’ve summed it up in my book, The Ladder published in February 2021.

As the Enterprise Director for National Careers Week, my role is to support schools, colleges and universities to support students with inventive ways to consider careers and pathways to get to them.

How can I help you?


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