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Since 2006 I’ve been the Director of Innovative Enterprise and we’ve so far worked with more than 150,000 people in education, manufacturing and charities developing and delivering workshops, keynote talks and creating resources.

Let’s rewind a bit…after doing, let’s call it, sub-optimally at school and drifting through a series of jobs for 17 years I needed to make achange. Happily married with two daughters and living in a nice rural cottage,I found that the best part of each day was leaving work. I needed to get another job, although another job for someone else wasn’t really an option for me…I needed to create a job for myself.

That’s why I started Innovative Enterprise.

In 2021 my first book, The Ladder will be published by Independent Thinking / Crown House Publishing.

Alcohol wasn’t my friend, so I gave it up on 29th December 2005.

"So what? You’ve got a business, you don’t drink and you’ve written a book – wow-wee!" is what you're probably thinking...well, yes. Big deal indeed!

My point is that all of these things started with a decision.

A decision to stop saying 'one day...' to stop worrying about what others thought and to reclaim the confidence that had been eroded by a toxic workplace and unfulfilled career achievements. In short, the decisions I've made along the way have been about throwing off the roles and boundaries that had been placed on me by my own thinking, others' visions of what I should do and my own limitations.

Loads of crap to deal with, then.

That's why I decided on Cut The Crap Coaching - I want to help you to cut the nonsense from your life - the general clutter of life which gets in the way of you doing what you know you're capable of but always seem to find excuses for not doing.

‘Cutting the Crap’ starts with you and your ideas and, CRUCIALLY, what YOU do about them.

... ok, what's on offer?

What we offer

Each of the packages will be delivered online with the three main elements I believe in most strongly: Challenge, Support and Kindness and can be delivered reasonably flexibly although the main element making any change happen is commitment and that is what I’ll be expecting from you.

There’s nothing stopping any of us doing anything we want to do, but sometimes our lives get in the way of what we could be or achieve, I want to help you to cut through whatever crap is standing in your way and help you achieve more in 2021 and beyond.

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