My name is Bernie, well, it's officially Andrew Bernard, but I prefer to be called Bernie - Hello!

I’ve decided to start Cut The Crap Coaching - I want to help you to cut the crap from your life - the generally frustrating bits of life which get in the way of you doing what you know you're capable of but always seem to find excuses for not doing.

‘Cutting the Crap’ starts with you and your ideas and, CRUCIALLY, what YOU do about them.

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What we offer

Each of the packages will be delivered with the three main elements I believe in most strongly: Challenge, Support and Kindness and can be delivered flexibly although the main element making any change happen is commitment and that is what I’ll be expecting from you.

There are four separate package options for you, please have a look at the links below to find out which one suits you best.

Coaching for Your Goals
Six sessions of coaching over six or twelve weeks conducted virtually in two-weekly one-hour sessions with personal homework in-between. Whether it’s a personal challenge you have coming up, want to change your habits or just need someone to hold you to account over a decision, I can help you. (The pace of these sessions is decided between us).
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Coaching for Career Development
CV, Applications, Interviews. Three-session package to support you in taking the next step in your career, considering your internal communication, learning to sell yourself and your skills and, finally, taking the steps towards your ideal role.
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Coaching for Public Speaking
Learning to love sharing your expertise and experience with the world is a common fear, I’ll take you through the steps to build your craft, your stories and make an impact on your audience. We’re all adapting to spending more time presenting ourselves virtually – Zoom, Teams, Google Hangouts – whatever it is, you need tips to make sure you make the most of your opportunities and others’ time. (I used to detest public speaking and now I’m a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association of UK and Ireland).
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Weekly Booster Subscription
My Weekly Booster email will help you if you’re looking for a way to boost yourself or your confidence but don’t feel ready to commit to coaching with me, or you could sign up as a way of helping you stay on track after some coaching sessions.
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Having been on the receiving end of Bernie’s ‘Cut the Crap’ coaching approach, I can certainly vouch for him! I was in danger of becoming a victim but within our first hour, I was in such a better place, having rediscovered my positivity & solution focussed approach, thank you.

P.O, Headteacher Lancashire

One year on. I took the decision that I didn't want alcohol to be a part of my life and 30/12/19 was day 1. The difference has been immeasurable, both physically and mentally. Do what you need to give you peace and focus and if you need help to get there, reach out.

Mr P, School Leader, Midlands

Bernie, you reminded me of my core values & invited me to stick by my principles...turned me from potential victim to standing up to him & owning my own situation.

Mr P, School Leader, Midlands

A year ago, I reached out to Bernie when something was on my mind, he didn’t know me, or I him. That didn’t matter. He’s been a constant over the last year doing exactly what Cut The Crap aims to do: checking in, supporting and keeping me positive.

Deputy HT, Sutton Coldfield
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Since 2006 I’ve been the Director of Innovative Enterprise and we’ve so far worked with more than 150,000 people in education, manufacturing and charities developing and delivering workshops, keynote talks and resources.

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